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The Historical Society holds multiple meetings throughout the year. All are welcome to attend. We also publish a semi-annual newsletter. Notices on planned coming events will be posted here.

Some Past Events


  • March 21- Dustin Kaspar of the Seattle International Film Festival gave us a guide to festival and how to navigate films.

  • April 18- Jim Clarke, PhD, owner of Clarke & Clarke Art + Artifacts gave us an overview of internet business vs. brick and mortar stores. He and his wife have a unique gallery in the Mercer Island Town Center.

  • May 16- Mercer Island's new grocery New Seasons Market (November 2016) was introduced by Chenoa Philabaum. This Oregon based family chain of groceries is a combination store featuring local and standard grocery items.

  • July 9 & 10- Mercerdale Park--MI Summer Celebration-


  • February 11- David Buerge spoke to us about his new book Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name.

  • March 8 - Mayumi Tsutakawa discussed Japanese Americans in Washington, including her own 100 year family history

  • April 21 - Acoustic trio Trillium-239 shared stories and songs of working life in the Northwest, beginning with American settlement of the West and ending with modern high-tech industries.

  • May 10 - Jennifer Ott, former President of Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks, discussed the Olmsted Park Plan for Seattle

  • June 23 - Presentation about Edward S. Curtis's exhibit at Seattle Art Museum

  • December 1 - Paul Dorpat, Jean Sherrard and Clay Eals discuss Seattle history uncovered in the process of writing their new book.