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Mercer Island by Air

In 1937, the federal Works Progress Administration, along with King County, undertook a project to find and classify all lands in King County. This included Mercer Island. You've probably heard of the "1937 Tax Photo" for a given property in King County--this is the survey that created it. To assist photographers in finding properties, aerial photos of the entire county were taken, all 2,151 square miles. Below you can now access those aerial views of Mercer Island to actually see it as it appeared in 1937.

Further details about the King County Survey are available at HistoryLink.

Click on the image below to view that portion of Mercer Island by air in 1937.
Images are in PDF format and each about 2 MB in size.

East Channel Bridge

Images are courtesy of the King County Department of Transportation and have been edited to include only Mercer Island.